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 Solaris High Output
Solaris Super Yacht

The Solaris hot water heaters have been exclusively designed for use by discerning yacht builders. The very efficient copper fin-tube heat exchanger makes the heat-up and recovery time extremely fast. These hand crafted hot water heaters are designed to cope effortlessly with the high demands for hot water on today’s luxury yachts. With a Solaris hot water heater, you can run multiple showers, sizable baths, and Jacuzzi’s simultaneously at peak performance. In large vessels, a series of Solaris hot water tanks can be fitted to allow greater volumes of water to be heated quickly. Custom sizes are available for special applications.

The Solaris hot water heater is made of 100% copper, which has excellent anti-bacterial qualities, insuring both long service life and health benefits. The high- density polyurethane insulation and aesthetically pleasing polished stainless steel casing puts the Solaris hot water heaters ahead of the competition.

Why should you invest in a Solaris hot water heater?

Unlimited hot water supply! Manufactured for marine applications, Solaris hot water heaters are backed by a company with over 25 years of experience and unmatched reputation in the industry.

  • Unsurpassed recovery time, providing unlimited hot water.
  • Can be used as an auxiliary boiler.
  • Warm showers and baths; quick & efficient hot tub heating.
  • Horizontal & vertical models with multiple heating elements.
  • Hot water for all your on board domestic needs.
With an attractive stainless steel exterior & copper interior, multiple elements, and scalding protection, a Solaris water heater is the clear choice for your on board hot water requirements.

Product Comparison
 Solaris Water Heater
 Typical Water Heater
  •  Copper tank and fittings; Long service life and health
  •  Glass coated steel tank; Risk of getting rust & corrosion in the drinking water.
  •  Multiple fin tube heat exchangers running to the bottom of the tank; Fast heat recovery and flexibility in installation.
  •  Single loop heat exchanger with limited capability of heat transfer.
  •  Dual heating elements with a wide variety of power options.
  •  Single heating element.
  •  High-density polyurethane foam insulation: excellent heat retention.
  •  Low efficiency fiberglass insulation.
  •  Polished stainless steel casing- standard.
  •  Painted or powder coated steel case; stainless optional.
  • Mixing valve- standard.
  • Not included
  • Custom configuration and sizes available to accommodate any application
  • Limited choices; no customization.
  • 5-year warranty for all mechanical components.
  • 1 to 5 year warranty.                Tel: 360-588-1800