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Air Handlers

Unlike any other hydronic defrosters and heaters, the REAL™ can be mounted with the inlet/outlet fittings on either side or the top. The mounting foot and core are reversible. The blower mounting plate and vent outlet plate are also interchangeable. This offers a wide array of mounting options.The unit has 3/4” female NPT fittings for the water (coolant) inlet and outlet and comes standard with 3/4” hose barb adapters. 5/8” hose barb adapters, Pex and Wirsbo adapters are available upon request. An air bleeder valve is included that will allow for venting any trapped air at the outlet side of the unit. The heater core is made of 3/8″ OD copper tubes with .014″ wall and nine to eleven .006” thick aluminum fins per inch. The inlet and outlet manifolds are 1” tubing with a staggered pattern (4 row, 4 circuit) for full flow.

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