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Pre-assembled Distribution Assembly – CALEFFI 663

Pre-assembled distribution assembly consisting of return distribution manifold complete with built-in shut-off valves suitable for thermo-electric actuator and supply distribution manifold with manually-adjustable balancing valves.

1″ or 1-1/4″ NPT inlet ball valves
Loop Cv: 2.3 (combined supply & return ports)

Max working pressure: 150 psi
Max temp: 210°F
Outlet center distance: 2″
Thermo-electric Actuator (TwisTop™) – CALEFFI 6563

For use with return manifolds and 676 2-way zone valve bodies.
Twist the top to manually open.

Power Supply: 24V AC/DC
Initial current draw: 800 mA
Power consumption:
Holding: 3W
Inrush: 19VA

Rating of micro-switch contacts: 5A (24V)
31.5″ wire lead connection

Universal PEX Fittings- CALEFFI 680

680 Series fittings are compatible with any ASTM F876 single layer PEX.

Max working pressure: 150 psi
Working temp range for ASTM F876 PEX piping: 40° – 180°F
Available in both 1/2″ or 3/4″