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At MarineTec, we provide high-quality marine diesel boilers and marine water heaters to discerning clients. We offer the Kabola diesel boiler, which is by far the most efficient, quiet, and environmentally friendly marine heater available in the world today. Not only is it specifically designed to perform for many trouble-free years in the harsh marine environment, but also, a Kabola heating system offers unparallelled comfort and warmth, similar to that of a high quality home hydronic heating system. The Kabola marine diesel boiler is so efficient, you can put your hand on the exhaust pipe while the boiler is in operation! Coupled with MarineTec’s revolutionary waste heat recovery system, and the Solaris marine hot water heaters, our heating systems provide astounding energy savings.

The Solaris marine hot water heater is uniquely manufactured out of copper, which gives it a very long service life, possibly equal to the lifespan of the vessel on which it is mounted. The copper also acts as a natural biocide, and protecting the hot water heater against antibacterial growth. Multiple highly efficient fin-tube heat exchangers and multiple electrical heating elements deliver an unlimited supply of hot water to the user.

Also MarineTec is a distributor of the American-built air conditioning systems, Aqua-Air.

Our experience in marine heating and air conditioning serves as a great benefit to our customers who need help designing and installing an efficient and reliable HVAC package in their boats. 

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