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At MarineTec US, the North American exclusive distributor for Kabola hydronic heaters, our mission is to provide our customers with unparalleled comfort, warmth, and peace of mind while aboard, regardless of the season or cruising grounds. We offer the very best products available, coupled with outstanding friendly and knowledgeable customer service.

Kabola hydronic marine heaters are well ahead of the competition when it comes to efficient, reliable, clean-burning, and quiet operation. Kabola hydronic marine heaters are designed to give their owners many years of trouble-free service, with ease of operation and minimal maintenance. You will find Kabola heaters aboard many vessels cruising in chilly climates, from the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Maritime Provinces, to the UK and Northern Europe. Whether you own a 30’ vessel or a 200’ ship, MarineTec US can offer a Kabola hydronic marine heater for your application. Kabola also offers an excellent worldwide network of dealers and product support.

Working hand in hand with our Kabola hydronic heters are MarineTec’s line of high-efficiency Solaris water heaters. Solaris water tanks are made of copper (which possesses natural anti-bacterial properties), the only manufacturer to offer such a feature, with an attractive stainless steel outer shell, closed cell polyurethane insulation (to minimize heat loss), long fin tube heat exchangers for quick recovery, and a tempering valve to ensure the water temperature is just right. Solaris water heaters are available in sizes ranging from 2 – 40 gallon, and are available with multiple heating element and heat exchanger options.

We also carry a wide variety of other high quality marine parts & accessories